Why Vegan?

Honestly, I chose to do this because I needed a lifestyle change. I’m about to start my last semester of college student teaching. Last semester was the first part of my internship and I started experiencing a lot of weird symptoms that I had never had before like constant dizziness, extreme fatigue, and memory lapses. After seeing my regular doctor and then a specialist they came to the conclusion that nothing was medically wrong, I did several tests and the all came back normal. So basically my anxiety decided my life wasn’t crazy enough and decided to spice it up a little.

A family friend told us about a Netflix documentary called “Forks Over Knives” and told us how it helped her ween off her diabetic medicines even her insulin. With my dad being a type 2 diabetic we immediately were interested and watched it. I won’t spoil the whole thing for you, but the gist is that eating a whole food and plant based diet (aka vegan) is like the ultimate cure. The documentary follows several people around during their process eating this diet and the results are crazy!

My dad likes to say he’s on the “see food diet” meaning he sees food, he eats food. Well being a diabetic who has had two heart attacks and a quintuple bypass (5) that’s not the smartest way to try and not die. Though it does make it easy when we cook dinner since he’ll eat anything we put in front of him. As a family we’re mainly doing this experiment for him, but personally I need a change in lifestyle to try and jump start and get control of the bully that is anxiety.


Haley ♥


2 thoughts on “Why Vegan?

  1. Hi Haley
    I found you as you’re following me on Instagram. Your story is all too familiar, that was me nine years ago. Can I suggest a book to you:
    Could it be B12? An epidemic of Musdiagnosis by Jeffrey J Stuart and Sally M Pacholok, changed my life.
    The important thing to grasp is that GP’s are given a benchmark as to what is considered deficient, this is normally a blood test result under 200. Few have an understanding of the impact a deficiency has on the mind and the body, plus, the bar needs to be raised considerably as the book explains why anything under a 1000 should be treated.
    Being vegan too (as I am) your levels will be lower.
    Much love and best wishes
    Caroline x🌻x

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    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check out that book. The doctor did say I have a B12 deficiency, but I didn’t realize it could have that much of an affect on my body.


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