Does tidying up change your life?

In a recent trip to Sam’s Club I stumbled across Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I had heard about this book for years and heard about the Konmari method of decluttering, but had always wanted to read the book to see what it was really about. After reading the book in two days it seemed like this was the fast track way to a simple, better life. Many of her success stories she included in the book got other benefits from cleaning out besides a neat house, they lost weight, finally picked up a hobby they always wanted to, or even saved a relationship. Seems too good to be true right? Well I had to try it for myself, anything that claims to change your life for the better is something I need to get my hands in.

The whole concept of the Konmari method is to take everything out one category at a time and put it on the floor. As you go through touch everything and if something sparks joy in you keep it, otherwise it has served it’s purpose in your life and needs to move on. I took a long weekend to do this in my room since I’m currently staying at my parent’s house for the summer. I started with clothes and ended with knick-knacks and ended up decluttering 1 bag of trash, 3 bags to go the Salvation Army and 1 ThreadUp bag filled to the point it almost didn’t close. After you finish cleaning out is when you decide where everything goes, because everything needs it’s own place. I cleaned out everything last weekend and have just finished finding a place for everything and I can say that I’m really happy with the results. My room feels like a haven, my own personal space that I can go to meditate and unwind.

While during the process I was pretty stressed out and kind of felt like it was defeating the purpose, I really like how my room has turned out and feel like a giant weight has been lifted off me through all of the old, too big, too small clothes, or bad memories I got rid of.  Now if only I could do the whole house! If you were thinking about cleaning out or curious about the Konmari method, I definitely recommend checking it out!



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